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17, 18, 19 y 20 September 2019


With the collaboration of: OPERA 2001

Artistic Director: Marie Ange Q. Lainz

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This competition, organized by the City Council of Alicante and with the collaboration of OPERA 2001, is open to candidates of all nationalities and with the aim of giving opportunities to young lyric singers.


The competition comprises two categories:






Candidates may apply to one or both of the categories.


The enrollment criteria for the two categories are the following:


Being born after 15th September 1980 and before 15th September 2001. Exceptions to this rule may be made. All requests for exceptions will be examined individually by the Artistic Direction of the Organization which will be the one deciding.


Each candidate needs to submit a detailed CV of your professional and training experience. The organization reserves the right to accept or reject any application. They will not be obliged to justify their decision which will be without possible appeal.


Each candidate needs to deliver a complete registration dossier (with all the required documentation) and once they have been accepted by the organization as a contestant, they need to pay the fees corresponding to the registration(s) to the chosen  category(s)  before the deadline date set in these rules.


Provisions complementary to the two categories:


Only registered candidates whose dossier has been accepted will be admitted to the presentation.

To participate in the qualifying rounds, registered and confirmed singers must attend the presentation of candidates and jury as well as the group photo, on the first day of the competition (September 17) at 12:00h. at La Casa de La Música in Las Cigarreras Cultural Center in Alicante.

The registration of the candidate implies, on his/her part, the unreserved acceptance of the present regulation and of the possible modifications that could arise between the submission of his/her dossier and the date of the competition . In case of complaint, only the Spanish version of this regulation will be valid .


Proposals for contracts can be made to the winning or non-winning candidates, to participate in events or productions of the organization.


All the members of the jury are likely to propose contracts to the candidates or help them in their promotion.


The organization may develop partnerships with other competitions or lyrical structures. These partners may exclude themselves from one or more points of this regulation without the candidates being able to make any claim.


For all points not provided for in this regulation, all addendums or slight modifications of the rules and in general all the issues that may be raised during the course of the event, the Organization is, ultimately, sovereign and the sole deciding party in taking any decisions. Their decisions have no possible appeal.





The registration fee (see amount in the attached registration form), is required per category, for each candidate if they want to participate in the competition. This fee must be paid in Euros, once the candidate has been informed by the organization that their application is accepted, and is an integral part of the dossier. For European and foreign candidates, transfers, payment orders, etc ... must contemplate the additional expenses of management or commissions. The net amount received by the Organization must correspond to the exact expenses of registration. The registration fee is non-refundable and remains valid even if the candidate is absent for any reason.



The complete dossier (to must me sent before the deadline of July 20th 2019) will be constituted of the following elements:


An artistic curriculum vitae (studies, training and professional activities)

Video between 1 and 3 minutes (it does not need to be a professional recording, it can be homemade or with a cell phone)

2 photographs (artistic or passport format)

A photocopy of Identity Card or Passport

Registration form completed and signed


All the requested documentation will be sent in a single email to, with the email subject "Registration Lyric Competition Alicante 2019".


The Organization will decide whether or not to accept the application alter receiving the complete dossier and will notify the candidate by email about the acceptance or not of his/her registration . The Organization will have decided all the previous candidatures and notified by email the candidates at the latest on the deadline on July 25th, 2019.


Upon confirmation by the Organization that the application has been accepted, the candidate must pay the registration fee, and send the bank transfer receipt of its payment by email to, The deadline to send this receipt will be on July 31st, 2019 at 23:59h Spanish time. After this date, no candidate will be admitted even if the payment has been made.


Once received the proof of payment, the Organization will confirm by email the candidate his/her definitive participation in the competition, sending him/her a candidate's letter, which is necessary to access to the competition, which he/she must show in printed form at all times for his/her access to the competition.


No claim will be accepted after this date.





The official repeating pianists of the I International Lyric Competition of Alicante are Mrs. Miglena Slavova and Mr. Roberto Barrali.
The accompanying pianists are provided by the organization (at no additional cost to the candidates). Each candidate can be accompanied by his/her own pianist (assuming his/her cost). The Organization will not conduct rehearsals with the pianists of the competition before the competition.

The singers must provide the accompanying pianist with the musical score corresponding to the piece they will sing in the competition and send a copy of these scores to the organization by email before August 16th


In the case of an extract of contemporary music, the candidate will also supply a copy of the score to the jury.



Candidates will not be able to sing the same extract or aria twice, except for the Final, where the Jury can request to hear again an aria already interpreted in the preceding auditions. The plays must be interpreted without a score.


A single aria (1) will be sung by each participant in the first qualifying round and in the semifinal, even if it is shorter than the allowed time. Only in cases of very short melodies will it be possible to interpret more melodies in the same cycle, as long as the allowed time limit is not exceeded.



In each registration dossier, every candidate proposes a program of 5 opera arias.

Transpositions are not allowed (Unless they are used regularly or provided by the composer).

The arias will be sung in the original language of said composition.

The program submitted by the candidate can not be modified .




In each registration dossier each candidate proposes a program of 5 zarzuela arias.


All the preliminary stages of the competition will take part at:


La Casa de La Música

Centro Cultural Las Cigarreras

Calle San Carlos, 78, 03013 Alicante


The Final will take place at:


Teatro Principal de Alicante

Plaza Ruperto Chapí s/n

03001 Alicante

(*) Except that due to supervened circumstances that may occurred, the place of celebration needs to be changed

The order of interpretation of the participants will be drawn and will be the same throughout the competition.


Candidates must evaluate their participation time in order so that they can be present in the established order. Each candidate is responsible for their timeliness, the management of their times, and will respect the order of participation.

The calendars and indications set by the Organization must be strictly upheld

A candidate absent at the time of his/her time of participation loses the possibility of attending the qualification round and will therefore be excluded from the competition. Only the Jury can decide to reinstate the contestant and allow him /her to participate at the time they consider appropiate.

Before each round candidates must submit their candidate letter.


The deliberations of the Jury are secret. The decisions of the Jury are final and unappealable.


A simple outfit is accepted for the qualification round and semi-final. For the final, a gala dress is required.


The winners will receive a prize and a diploma. The rest of the finalists will later receive a diploma that credits them as finalists. If they so wish, the rest of candidates will receive, upon request, a certificate of participation in the competition, mentioning the level of qualification in the competition they have reached.


The competition will be developed in three phases:




Qualification Round:

The candidate will interpret an extract that he/she chooses from the proposed program in his/her dossier.

Maximum duration of the extract: 4 minutes



The candidate will interpret an extract that he/she chooses from the remaining works of the program proposed in his/her dossier.

Maximum duration of the extract: 6 minutes.


Final :

The candidate must interpret 2 extracts.

The first one, which will be choosen from the arias of his/her program that have not yet been interpreted.

The second, which will be chosen by the Jury from the arias given in their program and that the candidate has not sung before .

For both categories, opera and zarzuela, the Jury reserves the right to listen to only one aria if the number of finalists exceeds of ten. In this case, the interpreted aria will be chosen by the Jury.


The proclamation of results and the award ceremony will take place at the end of the evening, at the end of the Jury's deliberations.


Maximum duration of each extract: 8 to 10 minutes.






The finalists or winners of other associated competitions can directly access the semi-final, upon payment of the corresponding registration fee(s).




Tuesday 17 SEPTEMBER   2019 (Casa de la Música, C.C. Las Cigarreras)

12:00 pm: Presentation of candidates, Jury, and group photo.

3:00 p.m.:  Start of the Qualification Round

Wednesday 18 SEPTEMBER   2019 (Casa de la Música, C.C. Las Cigarreras)

11:00 am - 13:00 pm: Start of Qualification Round

3:00 p.m.:  Continuation of the Qualification Round

23:00 pm : Publication of semi-finalsts on the board / directory


THURSDAY 19 SEPTEMBER 2019 (Casa de la Música, C.C. Las Cigarreras)

4:00 p.m: Start of the Semi-Final 


FRIDAY 20 SEPTEMBER 2019 (Teatro Principal de Alicante)

8:00 p.m: Start of the Final





The Competition is endowed with different types of prizes: cash Prizes donated by public and private entities, which total amount is subject to the tax retention stablished b the law, as well as non monetary prizes; contracts for performances, master class, specialization courses...

Depending on their vocal level in each of the categories, the Jury may decide not to attribute one or more of the contemplated prizes.


The Prize for the Young Promise can not be accumulated with any other prize awarded by the Jury. The age of the winner must be between 18 and 23 years old on the day of the Final of the competition.


The Jury can make all the decisions in the modification of the distribution of Prizes and its attribution criteria and may leave any of these prizes voided or give new prizes without financial endowment.




  • 1 prize in the Opera category :   € 2500 given by Opera 201

  • 1 prize in Zarzuela category:    € 2500 given by Asociación Amigos de la Música de Alcoy

  • 2 prize in Opera category:   € 1000 given by Aguas de Alicante

  • 2 prize in Zarzuela category :   € 1000 given by Manuel Pelaez Foundation

  • Prize from the Public: 1000€ given by por El Corte Inglés

  • Special Prize for the Young Promise : € 2000 given by the Rotary Club Alicante Lucentum

  • Opera 2001 Award LA TRAVIATA : for the best rendition of aria of this opera. Prize of performance contract award in at least 1 show on the October-November tour in 2019

  • Opera 2001 Award DON GIOVANNI: for the best interpretation of aria of this opera. Prize of performance contract in at least 1 function in the February-March 2020 tour

  • Operastudio Award: Training scholarship at the Alcalá de Henares University (Madrid) for the masterclass chosen by the winner within the academic year 2019/2020. It includes tuition, accommodation with meals and the possibility of participating in the annual Closing Gala of Operastudio (June 2020)

  • Oper Other Spree Award: One scholarship for a young singer with the greatest artistic projection, with an age limit of 27 years old, for the International Opera Masterclaas in Beeskow, Germany in 2020, which includes bed and breakfast, and three weeks of intensive masterclasses (Deutsche Lied, Staging, Performing, Auditioning, Opera repertoire, italian and german pronunciation, vocal and breathing technique) and concerts in July 2020. Travel costs not included.

  • Orchestra Massy Opera Award: Performance contract in a recital or oratory at Massy Opera-Paris for the season 2020-2021

  • Massy Opera Award: Performance contract for une performance at Massy Opera-Paris for the season 2021-2022









By registering and adhering to these regulations, the candidates expressly authorize:


The capture and distribution of their actions, live, on the internet, on social networks.

The capture of their performances on all media (photographs, audio and video recordings ...)

The distribution and representation of photographs, recordings and captures for non-commercial purposes of communication, information, promotion and archiving, in all media known or unknown to date, including the Internet and by all means.


The present cession of rights of recording, capture, use and diffusion is consented and accepted gratuitously and internationally.





In case of cancellation of the International Singing Competition City of Alicante, for whatever reason, including funding shortfalls, the Organization can not be held liable to the applicants and therefore is released from any damages or compensation.

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